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Excess of anything is injurious for health it can be exercise, dieting or medication. Hammer of thor side effect with no Supplement play an important role in the life male .Herbs included in hammer of thor play an important role in order to boost their performance, Consumption of more herbs result in serious health issue. Before taking hammer of thor you must consult your doctor just to know whether this supplement is safe for you or not. Do not take overdose of hammer of thor because if you take more than one tablet then you feel pain in your head. It may cause serious problem, Hammer of thor side effect, hammer of thor in pakistan

Hammer of thor Side Effect No

Although Hammer of thor is a herbal and natural product but it doesn’t mean that it is harm less. Natural product also cause burden on human organ like liver. Hammer of thor many other serious problems like weakness of bones. It may result in stomach disorder. You liver can be damaged by its excessive use. It may contain harmful metals which is injurious for health. It may result in increase of calories. Excessive use of hammer of thor may cause heart problems. Fats in your body also increase. You may face hair loss problems. In short herbal and natural product also has some side effects because it may contain preservatives and chemicals. If you regularly use hammer of thor then there is a chance that your skin is full of acne and you also face loss of appetite.  Hammar of thor side effect at this product. It also results in increasing your heart beat which may result in heart attack. You may have diarrhea because this supplement contain 5 different types of herbs. Some time your blood pressure become low due to this supplement. It may be a reason for causing death cells. Your nervous system damaged with the daily use of hammer of thor. dosage of hammer of thor capsule, Your cholesterol level change. There is a fear of stroke. It may result in sleeplessness and nausea. Some time you feel stomach pain .you also face a heart burn issue. Some time there is abdominal pain and your mouth become dry by the use of this supplement if you are a blood pressure patient then it is important that you also take the advice of your doctor. It also results in constipation. You must stop the intake of this hammer of thor supplement and consult your physicians if you are hepatitis patient. If you intake the hammer of thor supplement in excess then  the kidney suffer stress and lead to failure of kidney there are many systems of kidney failure like vomiting, urine containing blood etc, Hammer of thor side effect in urdu

Hammer of THOR Side Effects – Maximum Attention!!

 We know that men face different types of sexual problems but it doesn’t mean that they can trust anyone with close eye. It is very important that at least they make some research  on the product similar to hammer of thor and then make decision .but we recommend you that do not try different sexual supplement because nothing is important than one’s body health. hammer of thor use in urdu

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